Money Life Wax 40 Posts

Money Life Wax 40 Blog Posts and Counting


Chances are if you are reading this you have seen a lot of different posts regarding primarily finances, but sometime life as well. Many probably do not know this, but my first attempt at blogging started with a site called, “Money, Life and The Whole Ball of Wax.”

I clearly had no clue what I was doing but I have grinded it out and now I can say I have officially written, edited, and published 40 blog posts. Some good, some probably not so good (The not so good I have gone back and edited).

Blogger burnout usually happens within the first year, I can say I have made it a solid 5 months now and I have seen some awesome results.

The good: lots of people have reached out asking for insight when it comes to paying down debt, knocking out student loans, and personal finances.

The bad: I have learned everything on the fly and sometimes that costs time and money. In the end, it has always worked out in the long run!


Today my goal is simple – provide a list of all 40 blog posts broken down into seven different categories  with a short snippet about each post. Some of my personal favorites are my first 3 posts that most people don’t even know about!

Enjoy & I hope you had a great New Year! (I noticed I like the #7, see if you catch the trend) – Josh


The categories: Debt Payoff, Making Money, Money Mindset, Random Wax, Saving Money, Student Loans, and Taking Action.


Debt Payoff:

Debt Payoff


21 Months to Pay Off $109,000 in Debt – The details of how much debt we paid off in 2016/2017 in one place!

7 Steps to Start Being Financially Secure – If you are new to personal finance I would recommend starting with WHY it is so important to have financial control in your life. 

Debt Acceleration: How We Paid Off 100K – Using a seldom known technique called debt acceleration, I detail how we pay off debt so fast and stay ahead of our interest!

The Trick to Paying 90K in Student Loans: HELOC Process 2.0 – A follow up to the debt acceleration process describing how simple it is to evaporate debt when you wash debt with debt.

How to Pay Off 60k in 3 Years – A quick look at how one person could take $600 a month to payoff $60,000 in debt.

I Got 99 Problems but Debt Ain’t One – Living debt free is amazing, here is why!

Lose the Car Payment ASAP A car depreciates on average at 20% a year, it might be wise to invest into your future instead of a vehicle, read why here.

Paying Off Debt With Kids – A guest feature from a Money Life Wax reader discussing her success paying off debt with 3 kids!

Start with a Budget to Get Out of Debt – The Money Life Wax budget sheet or “Get Out of Debt” sheet we used to pay off six figures in student loans.


Making Money:

making money


5 Steps to Make Extra Money An older post, but 5 simple ways to make extra cash every month!

Amateur Investing Made Simple – The best app for investing, whether you are a pro or an amateur.

How to Invest For the First Time – New to investing like me? Read how to start, whether you are investing money or in yourself.

Side Hustle 101: 16 Ways to Make Extra  Money Simply put, learn how to make extra money on the side doing something you like.


Money Mindset:

mindset money

6 Tips About Money I Wish I Knew After College The most shared and viewed post, 6 tips all college graduates should know when they graduate college about money.

How to Pay Yourself First Whether your looking to save, payoff debt, or invest, this is the simplest personal finance strategy!

Money: The Real Reason We Don’t Have Kids – Delaying gratification is really hard, especially when you put the things you want most on hold, kids!

Personal Finance and The Big Bad Wolf – How life’s toughest challenges and personal finance are connected more than you might think.

Stop Comparing Yourself Financially Financially sound individuals never compare themselves, maybe it is time we all do the same.


Random Wax:

Random Money Life Wax


A Leap of Faith Into the Fray of the Unknown – A guest post from Matt, a career switcher who took the leap of faith to call the shots on his own terms.

Be Grateful This Thanksgiving  Josh’s list of things he is grateful for!

Books I Read in August A  quick book list of what I read in August 2017, if you are into reading then go ahead and check out these 4 books!

Early Mistakes I Made Starting A Blog Ever considered blogging? Whether aiming to create income or just blogging as a hobby, avoid these mistakes I made early on.

Funny Financial Advice Some of the worst, but funny, financial advice I have ever heard from people.

Why I Choose to Abandon My Cubicle, and You Should Too – The first guest post ever by Cubert, a FIRE blogger who is close to walking away from his corporate job. 


Saving Money:

save money


9 Steps to Save on Christmas Shopping – Save on Christmas and avoid debt to start the new year!

9 Ways to Cut the Wedding Costs – The millennial generation loves big weddings and social media, but don’t start your new marriage in globs of debt. Read how to save and get the wedding of your dreams on a budget!

How to Kill Your Extra Spending and Increase Cash Flow – 10 Simple steps to save each month.

Save Money Meal Planning in 7 Steps – Looking to slash your grocery budget by $1,000’s? Here is how we keep our grocery bill under $350 and still eat healthy.


Student Loans:

College Loans


17 Alarming Student Loan Facts and Figure 2017 – Alarming stats about student loans that most people do not know.

Avocado Toast and Lobster, Where Does Your College Tuition Dollars Really Go – The fancy food and luxury living is driving up college costs, yet wages remain the same. Why is college so darn expensive?

How Student Loans Almost Ruined our Lives – The first post I ever wrote, this post talks about the mental drain student loans and debt can cause.

Interest: Paying off Student Loans Fast is Necessary – Understanding how interest for student loans work and why it is necessary to pay them off quickly. 

Should You Refinance Your Student Loans – Student loans are not a one size fit all. Read here if refinancing is the best option for you.

Student Loan Help: A Solution to Your Problems – The ultimate student loan guide!

What if My Wife Went to Community College a in depth comparison of getting a doctorate vs an associates degree, and the REAL costs of a college education.


Taking Action:

take action

7 Strategies to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution The first 3 steps to set attainable goals for the New Year that you will finally accomplish.

Part 2.0: 7 Strategies to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution  – The truth about keeping your resolution (to resolve) and why you haven’t in the past using these 4 maintenance steps.

Manage Priorities, Not Time – Everyone has 24 hours in a day, so manage your priorities and not time, putting the most important items first. 

Replace Spending with Activities – A simple way to have fun without spending money, a vital component of saving and paying off debt!

Take Action Now How to stop procrastination and start taking action, which will lead down a path of more achievement.


Your future self will be glad you read.            – Josh

2 Replies to “Money Life Wax 40 Blog Posts and Counting”

  1. Keep it going, Josh! I like what you’ve got going here. I am curious to get your thoughts on SoFi – have you looked into them as an option for refinancing student loans?

    P.S. – Love the post about abandoning the cubicle. Not that I’m biased. 🙂

    1. Hey man,

      Thanks for the encouragement! So I was referred to Sofi and for our loans, SoFi was the best. The only thing holding us back from refinancing is that it will hamper our monthly cash flow. I think we will do another big HELOC payment in March, then consider the best refinance option after.

      My first guest post ever, it will be with me forever :0

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