Part 2: 7 Strategies to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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On average, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions will fail by February. Of the 20% that make it past February, only 8% will actually succeed in accomplishing their desired goal. So if you missed Tuesday’s post, this is actually the second part of a two part series for maintaining and accomplishing […]

7 Strategies to Keep your New Year’s Resolution.

Keep the goal this year

Every new year, millions of Americans will set out on a quest to accomplish new goals. Oftentimes referred to as New Year’s Resolutions, these new goals mostly pertain to finances, health, happiness and relationships. While the gym sales associates are bracing for their busy season and you are left scrambling […]

Save Money Meal Planning: 7 Shortcuts to Slash your $12,000 Annual Grocery Budget

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Maybe its just me, but grocery stores are expensive. Ever wonder how you can spend $45 in a matter of minutes and walk out with two bags of groceries? USA Today recently released the costs for an average family of four and their food expenses. The latest numbers for a […]